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  • Thu, Jan 31, 2013 3:36 PM

It's rapidly becoming too dangerous to be visible, especially in "anti-government organizations" like TZM so I'm ducking out. I hope you do the smart thing and get yourselves out of the line of fire soon. What you choose to do from there, whether resist, passively or aggressively; toe the line; or get as far as you can is entirely up to you.

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I am not anti-anything.  Zeitgeist means spirit of the age.  Well, what you and I are feeling, there are millions in that same spirit all over our home planet.  We are all connected.  Remember the revolution takes place first within us-in our minds and hearts, then it can manifest outside of us.  It's so important to take one day at a time, and do what is right for you.  What is right for a young single person may not be correct for an old married person with kids.  We all have a place and a calling.  I love, live, & laugh.  Don't forget to laugh!  And as Emilio Zapata said, "It is better to die on your feet than to live a lifetime on your knees."  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  The arms I carry are love and compassion.  Violence and money are SO 20th century!

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