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     Hello all, my name, obviously, is Chris Lindstrom. I've got an active interest in The Zeitgeist Movement and I would love the chance to get together with people and discuss the local ramifications of recent event and directions we might go as a country and as individuals. My first thought was setting up a group through, but figured I'd first run that by what community there is and see if there is any interest.

     Would you as individuals be interested in a weekly or biweekly gathering at a coffee joint or library or even a park on nice days? I don't know what I can judge from what I've seen in this online community, but a fair guess in my opinion is that in time this kind of thing could be viable.

     I'll be keeping my ears to the ground and looking for interested parties both on- and offline!




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I would love to get together with people in a park or library, etc.  Since I don't belong to a church I don't get out to be around other humans much. 

Well for starters if you are looking for something to do on Thursdays and happen to like gaming of the board and card persuasion, you or anyone else can come by Adventures Underground Thursday nights from 6 to 9. We play all sorts of games and you are encouraged to bring any you would like! Once a couple more people from here or anywhere else I've been asking are interested we can set a day and try for an actual meeting of sorts. Just thought I'd let you know of a social gathering that you are welcome to attend!


I like regular get-togethers of kindred spirits.  I'm impressed that Christopher is finding time, given the photo of his young family -- let's hear it for activist 30- and 40-somethings!  I live in Yakima, so I'll stay in the loop by means of the internet, for the most part.  Of course, anyone is free to email or call me.  Thank you.

Robert Beal 509 823 4111


Just FYI, I'm co-chair of the Social Justice Committee at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Yakima and find that in general I am comfortable and can work with their "free and open-minded search for truth."  There might be a UU church in Tricities?

     Looks like there is a branch in Pasco, just from a quick peek at Google. I think that might be a great place to get started, seeing as many people there are likely open minded enough to look into our cause without dismissing it immediately as a conspiracy theory or something of the sort. I think I'll stop in for this Sunday's service if I'm not still knee-deep in chocolate at the winery!

     I was tickled that you mentioned my picture, because that is me with my mother and super-cute nephew. I'm a single 21 year old with plenty of time on my hands, which I'm sure makes a good deal more sense XD

Well, it's good to get to know you a bit Christopher.  Feel free to email or call 509 823 4111.

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